Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Knoxville, Tennessee

Wheel Safety is Car Safety

What Is Wheel Alignment Service?

Proper wheel alignment is a critical component in performance. It ensures your wheels point straight, your tires are centered in the wheel wells, and your tires make contact with the road at the right angle. If your vehicle falls out of alignment, your handling, stability, and tire performance are compromised. Wheel alignment service involves adjusting the wheels’ angles in proportion to the suspension system to manufacturer specifications. This process may involve adjusting the camber, caster, or toe angles. Camber is the inward/outward tilt of the tire and wheel assembly when viewed from the front; it influences cornering performance most. The caster affects handling and steering and measures how forward/backward the steering axis correlates to the vertical axis when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, the toe determines how much the wheel is turned in or out from a straight-ahead position. If your vehicle is toe-in or toe-out, your tires are prone to wearing faster. At Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care in Knoxville, Tennessee, improper wheel alignment is easily correctable. Contact us today to set up an appointment.