Auto Repair Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

Keep Your Vehicle Running

Preventative Maintenance

Serving Knoxville, Tennessee, Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care offers preventative maintenance for all makes and models. We take care of the maintenance services listed in your owner’s manual to ensure your vehicle remains in safe working condition. Routine maintenance is critical as it promotes performance, fuel efficiency, safety, resale value, and longevity. Oil changes to keep your engine lubricated, clean, and cool, tire rotations for even wear patterns across all four tires, wheel alignment, tune-ups, and brake checks. We can change all filters, such as the oil filter, cabin air filter, engine air filter, and fuel filter, as well as all fluids, including the coolant, brake fluid, power steering, and windshield washer fluid. No matter what your car, truck, SUV, or van needs, For a complete list of our maintenance services, reach out to our auto repair services team today! You can call us at (865) 219-6999.