Auto Bumper Repair

Auto Bumper Repair in Knoxville, Tennessee

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Why Timely Bumper Repair Matters

Not many people think twice about their bumpers. However, they serve two main purposes: prevent or reduce physical damage to the vehicle in a collision and protect the hood, grille, fuel system, trunk, exhaust, and other systems. If you get into a collision or run into something, your bumper takes the brunt of that impact. It may be tempting to put off the repairs because it may not affect your driving in the immediate aftermath, but we strongly advise against that for a few reasons. For starters, if your bumper is compromised and you get into another accident, it can’t provide the protection it’s designed to. Additionally, today’s bumpers contain various sensors as part of advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS). If these get damaged, your ADAS fails to work properly, putting your safety in danger. Damaged bumpers also affect your car’s resale value and the integrity of the bumper and internal components. Visiting Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care in Knoxville, Tennessee, allows our auto bumper repair technicians to thoroughly inspect the external damage and determine if internal components also got damaged. We will then be able to fix it accordingly to ensure your safety on the road.