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Welcome to Our New Auto Shop!

Welcome to Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care! We are a brand-new auto repair business in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our state-of-the-art facility features numerous service bays, cutting-edge technology, and a team dedicated to our customers. We handle nearly all aspects of car care, including preventative maintenance, minor and complex repair, and collision repair. We are committed to being your one-stop shop for all your automotive service needs! Collectively, our ASE-Certified technicians have over three decades of hands-on service experience. Not to mention, our tools and equipment are sophisticated and up to industry standards. We started our auto repair business to serve our customers with genuine car care, and we embody that notion effortlessly. We are all on the same team–you can count on us to serve you honestly, transparently, and with integrity. We look forward to working with you, exceeding your expectations, and redefining what car care should be.

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Our Auto Services

Is it time for your routine oil change? Have you heard a strange sound when you turn a corner? Did you recently get into an accident? No matter your service needs, we work hard to fulfill them here at our auto repair shop. Our technicians are masters at their craft and wizards in using the latest repair technology. Rest assured, your car, truck, or SUV will be in capable hands. We offer the standard routine maintenance services, including oil changes, wheel alignment, tire rotations, filter replacements, and fluid changes. We also provide mechanical and auto body repair, complemented by our vast inventory of top-grade auto parts. If a problem arises in your suspension, brakes, engine, or other components, we possess the skill and equipment to remedy it. This repair expertise transcends to the exterior of your vehicle, be it a large dent, bumper damage, or scratched paint. We are here for you throughout it all.

Equipped & Ready to Serve!

At Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care, we take pride in creating a service experience catered to the best interests of our customers. Our mission is to provide sound advice, guidance, and support during your vehicle ownership. Our comprehensive 24-month/24,000-mile warranty covers our repairs for your peace of mind. Plus, we offer free shuttle service, complimentary WiFi in our customer lounge, financing, and after-hours pick-up and drop-off service. We price our services fairly and never oversell our customers. If we come across a concern or need for a service other than the one you originally came in for, we will inform you and offer our expert suggestions for what your vehicle may need now or in the future. We are here to serve you and your vehicle to the best of our ability. You can schedule an appointment on our website or at (865) 219-6999. We welcome all your questions and concerns. Visit us soon at 4701 Clinton Highway, Suite A, Knoxville, TN 37912. We work hard to guarantee your satisfaction!

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Improper repair done to this customers brakes by another shop.

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12,477 pieces later, these cars made from LEGO`s are a must-see

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It might be time to roll up the windows and blast the A/C after reading this

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Windshield wiper fluid cleans your windshield and improves your outward vision. Make sure to check your windshield wiper fluid is topped off so it`s always there when you need

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Vehicle brakes are becoming more advanced. New options include electronic brakeforce distribution, which distributes which varies the brake force at each wheel according to load, and electric braking systems that dictate how much pressure is needed to make a stop.

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Movie fans and car enthusiasts will enjoy this inside look at the Mazda RX7 used in "The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift."

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I need an oil change! 🚙

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A broken timing belt can cause catastrophic damage to your engine! Make sure your timing belt and tensioners are replaced according to the manufacturer`s scheduled maintenance to avoid a huge repair bill.

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Happy Anniversary to my most awesome wife!!!

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Today’s vehicles feature advanced driver-assist systems designed to keep you safe on the road. However, one safety system remains at the top of the list: your brakes. To ensure your brakes continue to deliver the stopping power you need, you must care for them with preventative maintenance. Routine brake checks are highly recommended to verify the condition of the system’s components, including the brake pads, rotors, calipers, fluid, and master cylinder. We can take care of a part that needs fixing or replacing! Brake maintenance also covers regular brake fluid flushes to clear out debris and prevent rust and corrosion and brake pad replacement once they wear down to an unsafe level. Another service that falls under brake maintenance is brake bleeding, in which the system is purged of air bubbles; the air in the system decreases the hydraulic pressure and diminishes braking efficacy. Serving Knoxville, Tennessee, Knox Horizon Complete Auto Care offers brake maintenance service for all makes and models.

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According to AAA, “an ADAS calibration is a process carried out to correctly align the cameras and sensors of a car so that its ADAS system can work as intended.” ADAS calibration requires specialized equipment and tools with highly trained technicians capable of adjusting or resetting these systems.

Knox Horizon has the latest in ADAS calibration technology. Call (865) 413-5506 today to make an appointment.

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We may still officially be in winter, but there are signs of spring.

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Knox Horizon has only one of eight Argos Systems in the United States.

Argos, the new generation clampless wheel alignment system. Clampless wheel alignment measurements in just 5 seconds without any contact with the vehicle and without getting out of the car, in just 5 seconds Argos carefully measures toe, camber, thrust angles. Argos totally revolutionizes the world of wheel alignment: no clamping, no targets nor detectors. No manual operations are required for the different wheel basis, not even a leveled lift is required. No need to perform run out compensation and no need to apply brake pedal lock to measure caster.

The advanced and user-friendly software, managed through remote control, contributes to grant an outstandingly convenient user- friendly approach , thanks to the automatic start of the measuring process when vehicle enters the working area, to the automatic detection of all procedures and to the automatic pre-selection of the vehicle’s specs according to the wheel basis.Increase your business.

Call today to make an appointment. (865) 413-5506

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Advance driver-assistance systems, or ADAS, are everywhere today. They have also evolved considerably from what they once were. This offers significant benefits to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, making the road safer for everyone. However, they definitely bring additional complexity to the table.

Even a relatively basic ADAS requires adjustments and calibration over time, and particularly after the repair or replacement of specific components (such as the windshield). This can prove problematic for shops that have failed to invest in training for their mechanics, that have not invested in the right tools, or that lack the space necessary for calibration and programming.

We have state of the art ADAS equipment to service your vehicle. Call us at (865) 413-5506 to make an appointment.

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The easiest and most effective way to improve the fuel economy of any car is to modify your driving habits. Here`s how to do that

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Make sure to check your spark plugs and spark plug wires or coil packs every 40,000 miles. You will need these to be in good condition for your car to run correctly. We are more than happy to help with a spark plug replacement when you need it!

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The toughest brakes available today are even on the road. They`re found at the race track. Formula One vehicles must accelerate quickly and decelerate equally as efficiently. Thus, they`re built with brakes that can really take the heat.

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Ever wonder where gasoline comes from? It was discovered nearly 160 years ago.

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"Why didn`t they get the car serviced BEFORE we left?" 😩

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It`s recommended to regularly change your fuel filter. If you haven`t replaced your fuel filter, have our team check it out!

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